Monday, March 9, 2015

The Life Cycle of a Frog

Every year in the spring we go to this park with a tiny pond and catch tadpoles.  My girls love to bring them home and grow them into frogs and then release them back.  It's fun to wake up each morning and see how different they look so quickly.  Literally you go to bed and theres no legs and you wake up and they have full on legs.  So weird.

So, when I saw this little Life cycle of a frog set at Michaels, I knew it'd be perfect for our doll school.

It came with all 5 stages and all of them fit perfect into the 3 section divided acrylic containers I got from the Target Dollar spot last week.

We added a little yellow scrapbook paper to the bottom and labeled each stage.  The magnifying glass we had already and the frog chart is just an image I found through google and printed out.

I love sets like this b/c they're fun but you can also sneak a little learning in there.  While Ava & I were setting it all up, we studied the specimens (they're very detailed) and read up about the life cycle and what happens when. Ava LOVED it!  Super easy fun little project to quickly throw together and looks adorable in the classroom! 

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  1. I am thinking AG should hire you as part of your team! This is so adorable!!!!